7-10pm Solo Exhibition by Carlos Beltran Arechiga "ANOCHECER"

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Tufenkian Fine Arts, 216 S. Louise Street, Glendale, CA 91205

Info (818) 288.4635 CARLOS is an L.A. based artist. A solo exhibition by LA based artists Carlos Beltran Arechiga


“The art collection called "Anochecer," which translates to "becoming night," is an invitation to pause and think deeply. It encourages us to face our old fears, the scary things that used to frighten us in our childhood.

These artworks act like a doorway into our deepest thoughts and past experiences. They make us think about how we've changed and grown up, losing the pure and simple view of the world we had as kids. They make us question the events that changed us and the hard times that made us lose that innocence.

They ask us why we left behind the endless imagination and belief we had when we were young. Why did we stop being so trusting and curious? "Anochecer" challenges us to answer these tough questions.

The collection makes us think about what wisdom really means. Is it worth giving up the wonder and creativity of our youth to gain knowledge? Is it really a good trade in the end?

"Anochecer" isn't just a bunch of paintings or sculptures; it's a deep and personal journey. It's a chance to find the innocence and creativity we've lost. And maybe, in doing this, we can find a part of ourselves we thought was gone forever”