ARTIST RESIDENCY PROGRAMS in  Schools and Elsewhere:

This is a program designed by you and I. Usually, elementary schools ask for this, but any group can do this, for example: I work with a school district that has me visit 4 of their schools (every 3rd grade class) every year for the last 5 years! I have other schools that only have with me their Kinders! My work is applicable to ALL grade level and ALL content relates to their learning ablities. I've been doing since before the Standards were created, back when it was called "basic education".

Now, don't forget you also book just an assemby or assemblies as well, just "click" on Educational-Performance-Programs in the Menu above.

LENGTH of RESIDENCIES: 1 to 12 weeks - Residencies can have a "Culmination" if you wish, no everyone does it; it's up to you, sometimes it's nice to have younger grades see what they'll learn next year. That's what several of the regular schools do.  

CONTENT: is described here and info can be taken from the programs described in the "Educational Programs".   

My saying is: "...been there and done that...": every question you might have about I've done in teaching & performance, I've done and done it very well.

Note: in regard to instrument making, please notify me well in advance as much as possible to assure you that a) the materials are available, because in the case of bamboo I have to harvest it  -and-  b) that I have time to prepare make all the instrument kits.



  • Varying lengths of Residencies: a few days to a few weeks, my best recommendations are the 4 to 6 week programs. I also have lesson plans that go up to 12 weeks.
  • Interactive Performance: Instrumental techniques, composition & performance techniques.
  • Instrument Making: the instrument is usually the "Bamboo Flute", although other instruments are possible. 
  • Food, Customs, Language, Geography and Culture Storytelling
  • Science of Sound: experience this totally original interactive workshops, using ancient Mexican instruments to teach science of sound.          
The following can be added to residencies depending on time we have:
  • 1) Introduction to Ancient Mexico Drumming session.
  • 2) Introduction to Ancient Mexican wind instruments with a Rain Forest Soundscape.
  • 3) Introduction to Musical Instruments of Ancient California.
  • 4) My heritage: Tepehuano and Yaqui Indian Storytelling with music (stories for all ages about Coyotes, Snakes, Bears, Rabbits and Mythical animals)
  • 5) ---or--- Anything YOU want to focus on!!!