New Mexico State Fair - Sept 14-20, 2015: OK, so we played a rodeo, then most of the time at Indian Village, the Mexican Plaza (where we made them go nuts!!!) and then on Main Street next to Lowrider Car that was cool...the homies loved us...

Sept 14-20, 2015 New Mexco State Fair Rodeo: never thought I'd play at a rodeo but they went crazy and loved us there...we performed as a quintet of Aztec dancers and musicians but 3-4 local Aztec dancers joined us!!!

August 11, 2015 San Jose Children Discovery Museum: I was reinvited to perform out there and had fun, interacting with the audience! 25 years ago when that museum first opened, my music was in a "sound installation" that lasted a year, my music opened that museum!!!

JOHN ANSON FORD THEATRE, Hollywood, CA 2014 (I'm on the RIGHT, dressed in red)

UCLA Lecturing for ethnomusicology students

UCLA - Lecturing for ethnomusicology classes on Ancient Mexican music! I've done for Prof. Loza for almost 7 years.

2011 LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE FESTIVAL @ Los Angeles Coloseum. We performed excerpts of the theatre work by the same name!!!

LOS ANGELES PERFORMING AND CULTURAL ARTS CENTER 2010-Present I have presented there several times for Earth Day to Dolores Huertas' birthday!

NORMAN P. MURRAY CENTER, Mission Viejo, CA - Concert in 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA 2012