The Old Ways (2021) Martin was hired to produce a variety of sounds, noises and phrases to be added to the Composers' music. Also this served as sound effects as well. His group MEXIKA also recorded "live" percussion tracks to give a "real" traditional feel. Martin also served as a Music Consultant to the Composers.

Windows - A Cameraman on Lockdown (2020)  In April 2020, during the COVID 19 Pandemic, Brasilian Cinematographer, Ivan Cordeiro created a series of 3 minute videos to which Martin composed music in various styles! 

Espinado (2019) a short documentary by Brasilian Cinematographer, Ivan Cordeiro. Martin was featured in this as lead character, voice overs and composer. The film, since it's premiere in Curittiba, Brasil in November 2019 has won a lot of recognition and awards at film world film festivals from Brasil again, Germany, India, Canada, Florida and it was just accepted by the Los Angeles Film Festival 2020!

Bateman (2019) Brasilian Cinematographer, Ivan Cordeiro, created this movie and Martin composed all the music for it, using influences of Brasilian Afro funk and Indigenous music. Not released yet.

Masa Revolution (2016) Martin composed indigenous music and orchestral music for the animated opening of this film. Going to film festivals worldwide in 2017.Screen credit as composer and co-producer of the animated short.

Convicente Gil (2015) Martin composed the entire soundtrack on guitar, keyboard, Brasilian/Jazz/Ambient inspired music. This film went to Brasil in Nov 2015. Screen credit as composer.

Ancient Roads from Christ to Constantine (2015), this PBS Special where Martin played Middle Eastern instruments. Sideman session.

Water & Power (2014) by Richard Montoya of Culture Clash. This Sundance film entry received rave reviews and they licensed my music. Screen credit as composer.

El Proletario de Aztlan (2014) The Cypress Street Mural Restoration. Martin composed the entire soundtrack for Chicano Master Muralist, Emigdio Vasquez. Screen credit as composer.

Ciudad Celestial (2010) by conscious hip-hop trio, EL VUH premiered by MTV. Screen credit. Appeared in the film and performed on the soundtrack.

Shrek Forever (2010) played conch shells on this film! Sideman session.

Year One (2009) with Jack Black. Sideman session at Sony Studios

El Muerto (2009), Sundance film entry: sometimes marketed as The Dead One (2009), has gotten consistent airplay on Showtime, HBO, Netflix and Cinemax, especially during 2009-2010 and was Winner at Whittier Film Festival. Actors, Wilmer Valderrama and Tony Plana. Martin walked the red carpet at as many of the premieres he could go to...he was at the question and answers sessions after the movie too! Thank you Javier! Martin did all the weird sounds and Nahuatl chanting throughout the whole movie! So, anything weird you hear it's Martin. Screen credit as composer.

Bad Blood…The Hunger (2007) Sideman session.

Mayan Shamans (2007) Sideman session.

Burwa Dii Ebo - The Wind and The Water (2007) Another Sundance film entry. Screen credit as composer.

Special Ops Force (2003) Sideman session.

The California Milk Advisory (2000-2004) This was a nong running commercial on Latino TV channels. Sideman session.

Amoxtli San Ce Tojuan (2000) Screen credit as composer.

Addams Family (1991) - The scene where Morticia and Gomez do the tango, Martin played guitar on that! Sideman session.

Travel Videos (1990) Sideman session.

Days of Our Lives (1987) - Martin appears as a musician in this "jail break" scene. Sideman session.

Cable TV - Cultura Nuestra (1984) Screen credit


2005 to Present - La Virgen de Guadalupe – Dios Inantzin Composed “Live” soundtrack and "live" foley of Indigenous Style Music for Jose Luis Valenzuela LATC production. Credit as composer and performer.

2010 - Healing Drum by Christine Stevens.

2008 - Pepe Serna’s “El Ruco Chuco Cholo Pachuco show” Martin composed all ths music for Pepe, in various styles of music for “live” presentation for veteran Chicano actor, Pepe Serna (Scarface, Car Wash, Man from Reno and more).

2007 - Heroes of Telara” (2010) Foley Sound Efx and Musical Sounds for this new, ultra-modern online game. Sideman session.

1995 - Los Enemigos Martin composed Indigenous Style Mexican Music for the entire production put on by Cal State L.A.'s theatre department. Credit as composer.

1989 - Lost River Delta for Tokyo Disney Resort – Japan. Martin worked with composer, Brad Kelly. Sideman session.