FREE 330pm ANCIENT HOMELANDS “ “Indigenous music of North, Central and South America”

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Jefferson Branch Library, 2211 West Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90018

Martin brings his wonderful, innovative, educational, exciting performance that involves the audience 100%. It’s indigenous music of north central and South America. Like. He always says co-op 10,000 years of culture in one hour, no problem. The audience is gently guided to “sing easy to sing songs” in native languages of the Americas. No English no Spanish songs. No guitars. All indigenous and then the rest of the audience can play along with indigenous percussions. Martin studies neural science, so he has learned that when you play along with him or send along with him, it’s the only artistic activity you can do that will activate, or actually recharge it, every region of the brain. From speech centers, memory, to muscle control everything. Ballet Theatre, poetry art making does not do this in the full extent. This is the family event everybody can come.