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MYSTERIO (en 4 movimientos) 2021

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Composed on August 18-21, 2-21, this is a 14min work in 4 separate movements, this is a more experimental "sound" work, using noise with melodic material to convey the concept. This piece explores the idea or death: not just the physical but emotional, spiritual and mental death. The title of each piece is:
1) END OF BEING - I got this title from an episode of the Outer Limits TV series. An explorer meets an alien from Andromeda and he asks, "Where you are from is there death?" The alien doesn't understand, the human asks again, "Death...end of being"
2) WHERE DO WE REALLY GO? - We all have beliefs, but it's ok for me to wonder...
3) NO ONE CAN REMAIN - Inspired by King Nezahualcoyotl on Mexico (1402-1472), who commented, everyone must go, we don't live forever, "no one can remain"...
4) MAY YOUR HEART FIND IT'S WAY - Another inspiration from Nezahualcoyotl, he said, "there are many people out there, the earth is vast indeed, May your heart find it's way...


Instrumental work