TEPONAZTLI Bamboo Log Drum (made to order)
  • TEPONAZTLI Bamboo Log Drum (made to order)
  • TEPONAZTLI Bamboo Log Drum (made to order)

may vary in size by an inch or so.

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$200 with Engraved/Burned Designs & Natural Painted Designs $150 with Engraved/Burned Designs $100 without Designs

Listen to these two instruments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qz7VdKtxfHQ

Listen here also: https://soundcloud.com/martin-espino/sets/sell-bamboo-teponaztli-demo

I make these beautiful percussion instruments, The designs are of either Mayan or Mexica (Aztec) and are hand engraved, then burned and then they are either designed with my etch and burn technique or they are painted with natural pigment paints, which I make. The instruments emits two tones (vary, but usually m2, M2, m3, M3, rarely P4.

A pair of rubber tipped sticks are included, and can extras can be ordered separately.

Once these are sold, I make a few more, they can also custom ordered with designs you request.

Shipping charges apply, tell me where you live so I can assess your shipping!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Contact me for international shipping BEFORE ordering!

ESPANOL: mandame de donde radicas para deteminar su precio de envio, ok? Este instrumento fue hecho por mi. El Teponaztli (Nahuatl) o Tunkul (Maya) es uno de nuestros sagrados y clasicos instrumentos. Teponaztlis de bamboo no son bastante fuerte para acompanar la danza Mexica (azteca). Se necesita un microfono!

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