Martin Espino’s native heritage is Yaqui (Sonora, Mex) & Tepehuano (Durango, Mex).


Bachelor of Music Degree "with Honors" in Performance - Immaculate Heart College 1978


1966 began MUSIC career: 54 years World-class Performer.

1969 began TEACHING: 51 years Master Teaching Artist.

Since 1975: 45 years scholarly research of Indigenous Mexican Music.

Since 1980: Pioneer of “Interactive Performance” for all ages, including: conducting educational/cultural workshops, artist in residence and performances.

Since 1990: Master Instrument Builder over 75,000 instruments made with ages 3 – Adults.


Martin’s work has encompassed ages as early as preschool to adults, special needs population and recently the deaf & hard of  hearing community.

50+ years of "engaging audiences, transforming ordinary spaces into inviting and inclusive performance spaces, if not, sacred spaces where the music can take place.


Martin was covering what is now called the Visual and Performing Arts Standards way before it was called that. 


Martin is also a "Sound Worker" (using principles of Neuroscience for beneficial well-being or healing). Creator of "Ancient Mexico Vibration Experience" for deaf people.


Martin Espino’s work improves multi-tasking, listening skills, respect of nature and process. He developed his teaching methods by following his judgement, experience and heart as well as his natural abilities, input from educators and student input!


He toured Austria in March 2019 for the World Wood Day Festival as featured international artist.



Martin performs locally, nationally and internationally as a Soloist and with his acclaimed ensemble. He is also a Master Outreach Teaching Artist. He also provides Soundbath and Meditation events.

Since the COVID pandemic, his career has shifted to more "ONLINE" work, basically doing everything he's done before!!!





1985 - Present   Major arts providers, performers and clients Martin has worked with:

  • Composer, Carla Lucero with the Heidi Duckler Dance Company - Oct 2020
  • Motion Picture "THE OLD WAYS" (2021)
  • SoundPedro Festival (Sound compositions premiered 2017, 2018 & 2020) 
  • Soundwave Fest Santa Ana - 2019 & 2020
  • Museum of Latin American Art (30 yrs)
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium (19 yrs)
  • Aquarium of the Pacific (19 yrs)
  • Latino Theatre Group (20 years)
  • Young Audiences of Kern (21 yrs)
  • World Wood Day (Long Beach 2017 & Austria 2019)
  • Zoom North America (2018)
  • Cardenas Markets (2017)
  • Sony Inc.
  • California Traditional Music Society (10 yrs)
  • Arts Council for Long Beach (30+ yrs)
  • Santa Clarita Educational Outreach (15 years)
  • Brass Band of Battle Creek (2019)
  • Center Ring Productions (35 yrs)
  • Los Angeles Philharmonic
  • Composer - Brad Kelly (Disneyland Tokyo's Rivers' End)
  • Young Audiences of Northern CA (10 yrs)
  • Composer/Musician - Elizabeth Waldo
  • Bakersfield Symphony
  • Southwest String Quartet
  • Composer/Musician - Amy Knoles (1994 - 1998)
  • New West Symphony
  • Whittier Cultural Arts Foundation (7 yrs)
  • Long Beach Performing Arts Center
  • Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center (5 yrs)
  • Cerritos Performing Arts Center
  • Orchestras of Pasadena
  • Star Inc.
  • The Music Center
  • Paul McCandless - musician with OREGON
  • Composer/Musician - Juno Homrich "The Emerald Forest" movie
  • Cassio Duarte - famous Brasilian percussionist (1992 - 2000)
  • Alex Degrassi - Guitarist, Windham Hill fame.
  • Los Angeles Coliseum



MORE ABOUT MAESTRO MARTIN:vant-garde jazz as part of "Not Quite Free", a Long Beach outfit of exceptional jazz experimental musicians led by Dave W
Since 1968 MARTIN ESPINO, a "World Class Performer and Master Teaching Artist" has performed on stages all over the U.S.A. and Mexico and he is one of the few "original revivalists" living in North America of the ancient musical instruments of Mexico!  

Since 1975, he has conducted scholarly research into this field of music and culture and is a recognized authority in this area. With 46 years of teaching experience and tons of personality and passion, his students rave about his workshops and performances! He works with ALL ages. 
Martin Espino is of Yaqui (Sonora) and Tepehuano (Durango) indigenous Mexicano heritage

Although Martin is a "performing artist" and "ceremonial artist" but you'll see at this website that he has developed and presented many original educational presentations!

 He is one of thee first to give lectures on El Dia de Los Muertos, as well as The Ancient Music of Mexico and Origins of Mexicanos! In the early, 1980's, he developed a technique he calls "Interactive Performance" which involves the audience of ALL ages, playing on ancient Mexican instruments! He is the pioneer of this technique, which of course, interactive is big now, but back when he created this concept, no one used "interactive" in conjunction with music!

Of course, Martin uses the common core, performing arts standards and multiple intelligences in his work, he was  doing that before they called it that. He goes back a long way and has always been conscious of innovative and creative ways to enlighten and educate both adults and children! He gives information, culture, history, breaks the myths about the Americas and it's original people...but mostly he adds his passion, spirit and humor to reach out!!!

Martin, with his Mexican indigenous instruments has worked in nearly every field of music: by mixing avant-garde music and world instruments as founder of the trio "No Mambo" (1995-1998) with Darryl Tewes and Ernaldo Salquez; creating new works for indigenous American wind instruments and world percussion as both composer and founder of "Nahualli Ensemble" (1992-2000) with Cassio Duarte and Brad Dutz; .

His professional references will verify his longevity in this field and will tell you that there's lots of love and strong passion in his artistic work. He is known by many as a World Class Performing Artist, Researcher and a top notch Educator of ALL ages, Lecturer and Instrument Maker!