Martin Espino

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DOWNLOAD ONLY: I originally released ANCIENT CALIFORNIA in 2010. I recorded the Bird Sounds at Soledad Hot Springs, CA and the Water Sounds are from San Dimas, CA back in 2001. The Ancient Flutes of California were reconstructed and performed on by me.

FOR HOME SCHOOLS & SCHOOLS: i have a 3 day Native CA Music Residency teaching about the music and making a simple "Clapper Stick" (grades 3 to adults). The students decorate and learn to play their instruments. We end our session with singing native songs! A bonus for having purchased this recording are photos of the instruments I reconstructed based on my extensive research and photos of several California Petroglyphs. Any questions or bookings (562) 713.2774 martinespinomusic@yahoo.com

THIS RECORDING: 33.2 minute long "Sound Journey". There are no songs, no breaks, just constant sound, very meditative! The only recording on this subject that we know of. Enjoy!

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