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It's already been an exciting varied summer for Martin with public "Meditation Azteca ceremonies"; "Workshops for the Deaf", he even played for a "Deaf and HH" Wedding!!! He has been working on learning Ableton LIVE 10 for his ELECTRA AZTECA project" and his yearly Summer Camp at BLOOM SCHOOL to Make Instruments with 4 - 10 year olds....check out the calendar and come see the Maestro's work in person!!! Martin is working with DJ ED808 to create a trio of pieces in a "Hi-Tech Electronica" style called "Jungle"....More news soons...check out the calendar and buy his can though, listen free at: search "Martin Espino Topic"...there you'll hear two of his CDs "CURANDERO" and "MEDITACION AZTECA"....Much luv to you all...


           “NEW” CD just released on August 25 2018



New compositions by Martin Espino for Indigenous ancestral Mexican instruments, electronics, gongs, temple bells and harp!!! Very relaxing, healing and centering music. Visit the MERCHANDISE page here and order it now! All orders will include a FREE DOWNLOAD of "Rain Forest Maya", it's a 4.50 minute piece of music with Rain, Frogs and Animal sounds and a Jaguar, all generated with Ancient Mexican instruments!

Martin would like to perform these works as part of a guided meditation at Yoga Centers, Spiritual Centers or events of that nature. If you would like to have him come present, please contact Martin ASAP to book him!


Martin Espino performs with the                                  


MAY 15 – 19, 2019


It was an honor to take the stage with fantastic “classical” musicians and “read’ all the music, thereby elevating the status of our indigenous Mexicano instruments as equals to The Western European symphonic instruments. I wish to thank the BBBC, John Harper, Jim Gray, the Kellogg Foundation and all the kind and friendly musicians and the gracious people of Battle Creek!!!


VISIT: to see the ALBUM with all the pictures and videos of this particular tour!








MEXIKA "Music & Dance of Ancient Mexico" tours Vienna & Grav, Austria

WORLD WOOD DAY March 18-27, 2019


MEXIKA had a great time, all the concerts were great, we were always the ending ensemble! We played everyday. Places: Stubing Open Air Museum, a 150 year old Opera house in Grav and in Vienna, we played 2 concerts at another old Opera house, all of them nice professional gigs with other world ensembles from Kazakistan, Nepal, Ireland, Morocco, Kuwait, Slovakia and more!!! Hardly anyone understood each others' languages but we saw each every day and there was unifying concept of the "Smile" and "Hugging these beautiful international musicians and wood workers". A video should be coming out soon, you can see some things on YouTube!

MEXIKA would like to thank, the entire staff at the WORLD WOOD DAY FESTIVAL, Mike Ho, Nadia Hsu and everyone else.


VISIT: to see the ALBUM with all the pictures and videos of this particular tour!

All written and musical materials created by Martin Espino (c) & (p) 1984