MEDIUM BAMBOO FLUTE (made to order)
  • MEDIUM BAMBOO FLUTE (made to order)
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These flutes are about 8-10 inches long, this is the same flute I make for my Workshops and Residencies with 3rd graders to adults. The paints are made by me, they are natural pigment that every race used in prehistoric times to now! The flutes have a mellow, not high pitched tone. They produce 5 and sometimes 7 tones. The note they are tuned to varies, because I don't make them to play with guitars and pianos, if you want digital tuning then I have to raise the price by $5.00 These flutes are basically made to play solo or with intimate, mellow percussion as in most indigenous music of the Americas! They are tuned to the pentatonic scale (the formation of the sounds of the black notes on the piano)

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