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Listen at: MADE TO ORDER, ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS, Although I usually am ready way before that. I keep in touch with my customers!

These flutes are hand made by me, me, me, Martin Espino, I've been making instruments from Bamboo and Gourd since 1990. I have made over 50,000 instruments since that time, either or sale, many at school residencies and some private sales, but now here are the big ones I make for myself and now you can have one!!! Generally, they are tuned either D above middle C or Eb, they are pentatonic and produce at least 5, sometimes 7 notes, depending on how they want to act. Pentatonic, for those who don't know is the sound you get when you play on the black keys, or the sound of Native American Flutes. The burned etching on the flute is the sacred figure of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent. They measure about 2 1/2 feet long, and have a fat mellow sound, they do not jump into the next octave, so again, 5 maybe 7 notes, enough to create beautiful sacred sounds of your own! NOTE: I do not always have these in stock as they sell out fast!!! Please allow 2 weeks for delivery, that's if I have to make one for you, otherwise I ship out the same week.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Contact me for international shipping BEFORE ordering!

ESPANOL: Estas flautas son super lindas con sonido agradable, curativa y sanativa!!! Los tonos son redonditos!!! Les puedo mandar un video de leccion tambien, esta flauta esta facil de aprender. Escuchela en:

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