EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - Available Oct. 2019
  • EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS - Available Oct. 2019
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Composed and performed by Martin Espino on ALL indigenous Mexican instruments back in 2010. This is definitely one of the very first recordings about The Day of the Dead ever done! I composed my music for this CD out of respect to and love for, my parents, who have passed on. I didn't want to make scary music because it is not what Day of the Dead is about! It is about remembering those who have passed on as they passed to unknown region. So, I thought what would music sound like if heard in this unknown region; in another dimension through the veil of time and space and life and death! So, the music came out very open, huge, ceremonial, maybe a little strange but out of love as I hope all who pass on go somewhere beautiful, calm and painless.

Every CD I do has different instruments on each, I try hard not to repeat the same sounds, instruments and styles. Here you'll hear my jaguar voice instrument, water drums, bass ocarinas, one song that is sung in Nahuatl and whispering in Nahuatl. Many of the instruments made by my hands.

All based on years of scholarly research of my ancestral music! And yes you can meditate and relax to this as well.

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All written and musical materials created by Martin Espino (c) & (p) 1984