RAINSTICK (Snake Gourd) - 4 Available
  • RAINSTICK (Snake Gourd) - 4 Available
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Hear this instrument at: https://soundcloud.com/martin-espino/sample-snake-gourd-rainstick

This instruments' sound is more like "real" rain or water than any other rainstick. Believe I've made them from all kinds of material, bamboo the best because of it's sound and durability but "snake gourd" is best, although you have take care of it and NOT drop it, it is delicate but the way I brace the inside and the thinness of the gourd makes for phenomenal sound. For sound healer or musicians the sound is incredible!!! These instruments are also quite loud. I paint them with real Aztec, Mayan and other Mexican culture designs. I can also customize one for you. For that you'll have contact me please.

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