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ONLY 2 LEFT....This are MAYAN style drums. LISTEN:

They come with a small striking stick as well. They are played with hands, hand & sticks or just stick. The sounds are amazing, great to record and sample!!! These wonderful drums are small but actually sound low. They have a sound much like an African Djembe. In ancient times, the Mayans mostly made them from clay. The skin is a thin but durable goat skin stretched and glued to keep it's tuning. Avoid direct sun or high heat. MADE TO ORDER: the color may differ. The designs are from Ancient Mexico. I also painted them with the natural pigment, that I made as well. The paints are Yellow Ochre, Red Ochre, White Chalk and Black Carbon. Designs vary but they are basically "energy symbols". If you want something different, it's considered a "Custom order" and they cost more, so just ask!

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