8am - 12pm PRIVATE elementary school assemblies with MEXIKA

 — (PST, UTC-08) — (PST, UTC-08)

Private Elementary School, Los Angeles county

MEXIKA Appears as a duo for this cake in Espino and Vocals kitchen and women’s rinse and Jovanna Loeza, ask Dancer and Percussion. Jovanna will be demonstrating the dances, and at the end lead everybody in a friendship dance. We will be sharing easy to sing songs in the room, languages, as well as the huge collection of native professions that we will share. Book us for your school we are electric and powerful And our programs are fantastic interactive music is the highest form of experience in ark, because neurologically it involuntarily recharges every center of the brain. It’s a science fact, so listening and watching is nice but it’s not enough playing with us is another thing it’s medicine for everybody good healthy organic sound Books for your school