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Palms Restaurant, 83131 Amboy Rd., Twenty Nine Palms, California 92277

Almost 6 hours of sound and noise and strange vibrations, this is not about music or melody or rhythm or groove this is about sound! Lots of people go to this and it’s very fun to hear strange noises in a bar!

At 7:20 PM on the Patio, I will be performing my 20 minute ”Soundwork” called “FUEGO”. This work deals with how fire has been a part of humanity or it destroys things but it also keeps us warm; defends us; it cooks our food; and is therefore a symbol of life. The pieces id in four parts and it is performed on Ancient Mexican instruments, combining them with electronic sound processors. So it’s a meeting of both worlds and at the same time pushing the use of ancient Mexican instruments into the future. It’s a relaxing but sort of tense “Soundwork“. Psychedelic visuals by Long Beach visual master, William Almas.

Return to the very first page of this website and scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see a feature video on the making of FUEGO!!! This feature video was created by Ivan Cordeiro.

Martin Espino created the concept and composed and performs the music “Live“ with ancient Mexican instruments and electronics. Ivan Cordeiro, Brazilian filmmaker, filmed in Aztec dancer, Nazario Seguro, doing a traditional ancient dance called Fuego And William Olmos got the video and will basically play three DVDs simultaneously through a mixer changing the color and making it very psychedelic and crazy looking. It’s a very beautiful work watch the video!

The work was given its premiere performance at SOUND PEDRO 2017.

Hope you get to come