GPS Coordinates: Satwiwa Native American Indian Culture Center: N 34.1504 W -118.9613 Come enjoy, chill out and rejuvenate with Ancestral Sounds that are not only "Healing" but "Proactive"!!! Martin Espino leads this soothing event. He also studies neuroscience and applies this to his Soundbaths. He is 68 and has meditated since age 11. You will experience beautiful sounds from the Aztec and Mayan cultures, Low ocarinas, Gourd meditation trumpets, double to quadruple flutes, wind whistle, snake gourd rainstick, copper gongs, deep water drums and chanting in the ancient languages, reconnecting with our hearts, minds, souls and our own ethnic self. We will begin with everyone participating in the opening with a blessing of the 4 directions! LINK to EPK: