6-8pm Premiere of Documentary "MAJA", the painter.

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

The Blake Lofts in Frogtown, 1901 Blake Ave Community Room, Los Angeles CAV 90039

Milton “Maja“ Jurado, is an all encompassing artist from expert furniture building all the way down to the wonderful paintings he does. He’s an Ecuadorian artist living here in LA. Please come to see this in depth documentary of his life and his work and Martin will be playing music for this event because he’s always liked a recording by Martin called CURANDERO, that he bought some 30 years ago, and so Martin will be playing selections from that recording called CURANDERO!!! One of the compositions called "OS POVOS DO RIO" is part of the documentary's soundtrack!!! Look for Martin's name in the credits!! Lexi, Page Manager