FREE 230-5pm Make a Native Bamboo Flute

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Willowbrook public library, 11838 Wilmington Ave., Los Angeles California

Martin will bring his in a PDF and creative workshop to build a fluke that is “End Blown”, Not the sideways European flights this will be very easy to play he will learn how to prepare the materials, decorated after a short art lesson, learn some basic technique to properly practice to make your tone better and then how to create your own music. Martin also has videos that will help you that are online right now and they are free. Will also hand out a brochure with the same information written out. Come to this wonderful workshop it’s geared particularly for grades three through 12 but adults may come too. They’re just trying to bring more kids. You must dress casually, be on time because there are many steps to do. Another words you can’t arrive late. I try to require that everybody stay for the entire workshop.

All written and musical materials created by Martin Espino (c) & (p) 1984